This best-selling wired headset offers extremely good value for money and has proven itself in some of the most demanding of environments

The headset just barely flirts with distortion at maximum volumes, but even with everything cranked up it doesn’t crackle or warp. This “ear hook” style wired headset uses the latest wideband audio technology ensuring all your calls are crystal clear. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use this headset on my PC, for both audio in and for the microphone, and if possible would I be able to do it wired? This best-selling wired headset offers extremely good value for money and has proven itself in some of the most demanding of environments. The answer and end calls functionality as well as volume functions, can be exercised via the headset or speakerphone. It’s a premium brand, with the wireless A50 headset standing out as one of our favorites for years despite its high $300 price. Whether you’re video chatting or getting your game on, a good headset makes all the difference. PCs can use VSS on the headset. In short, using the PX4 headset on a PC or Mac will require specific, special equipment; thus, we do not consider it to be compatible with PCs or Macs. (Your headset might appear as simply the model name,. WIRED Recommends is your definitive guide to the best things. 4M847 Whether you’re gaming, taking video calls, listening to music, or doing all three, a good headset makes a huge difference. On top of the audio and voice quality, Logitech has three programmable buttons on the headset in addition to the volume wheel and mute button. G233 is a new breed of gaming headset with all the advanced features you want for gaming—in an unexpectedly lightweight and extremely comfortable design that fits the rest of your life,. They even come with a Bluetooth dongle if you can’t abide a wired connection. The felt-wrapped earpads and headband padding are fairly plush, and I found the headset quite comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. Uninstall windows 8 headset driver from device mgr-sound, video and games (incl software). So your headset and speakerphone are always updated with the latest software and you can take full control of the call functions (receive/end calls, adjust volume, mute,. Since the headset only accepts 1 audio cable, do I need some kind of audio splitter (possibly a 2 male 1 female splitter)? Find accessories for any headset model we carry. 5mm female jack connects with any passive wired gaming headset, and with nearly 70 inches of cable length, works great with any PC gaming setup. A high end professional “over the ear” headset for use in any busy environment.